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Welcome to the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® Blog

Key Points

  • The DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® is the roadmap to positive life change.
  • Each letter in the word DISCIPLINE represents a step in the life change process.
  • This blog features research based information to help you create a custom plan that will take you from decision to accomplishment.
  • The DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® works in all life situations whether your life change goal is small or outrageous – the principles apply.

Think About This

You are a unique individual! There is no cookie-cutter plan that will solve your problems or help you reach your goals. I believe you are the HERO of your own life’s story and the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® will guide you in the creation of a personalized life change process.


In May 2016, I was hospitalized with a rare, often misdiagnosed, and frequently fatal medical issue.  I’ll spare you the unpleasant medical details, but I was saved by an incredibly wise 70-year-old surgeon who made a decision to perform emergency exploratory surgery in the middle of the night.  That event started my journey of writing the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® book and creating the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® website and blog.

Following the surgery, I had some very difficult days in the hospital.  But instead of feeling angry or frustrated, I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude.  My perspective on life changed – and all I could think about was my desire to help others improve their lives.  One the first day that I was able to get out of bed, with all my various wires and tubes attached, I walked, slowly and painfully, to the end of the hospital hallway.  I stood there looking out the window with my daughter and watched the sun set.  It was the most beautiful site I had ever seen.  And it symbolized the closing of one chapter in my life and the beginning of another.

A few months before this medical event, I had been given a gift in the form of a complete idea for a book – which seemed to completely materialize in one incredible moment of insight.

As I stood at that hospital window, I decided to dedicate significant time and effort to turning that idea into a book designed to help people create positive life change.

The result is the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® book, to be published late 2019, this website, and the MyPersonlity.life website.  By combining my life experience as a serial entrepreneur, PhD researcher, and a person committed to self-development, I developed the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY®.  Here is a short summary:


A decision is the first step in the application of the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY®. The word decision comes from the Latin word decidere, which means “to cut off.” A decision cuts off all other possibilities. It is an inflection point in life. It is not a wish or a dream but the most powerful thing a human being can do, because it involves redirecting the course of one’s life.


Investigation and research can create a plan based on solid facts. This chapter gives a short course on thinking like an expert researcher. The book discusses specific examples of “investigations gone wrong” and how to avoid typical mistakes. Creating confidence, purpose, and new research skills is the aim of Chapter 2.


Once the investigation is complete you must make sense of a large pile of information. This chapter teaches a method of sorting and prioritizing information. This sorting process supports the conception of a plan with the highest probability of success.


The decision made in chapter 1 ultimately leads to a new destination. Getting to that point and realizing the vision requires a well-conceived plan. The word conceive comes from the Latin concipere, or “to take fully, take in.” Part of conceiving the plan is integrating it into mind, body, and soul.


Implementing a plan is a distinctly different endeavor from conceiving a plan. Implementation is about habits, priorities, and understanding the real challenges involved – setbacks, roadblocks, new developments, and wandering focus. In Christopher Columbus’s time, the maps would mark the unexplored waters with the words “Here there be dragons.” In this chapter, dragons are confronted – not in the uncharted portions of the plan, but in the mind of the reader. I offer strategies on how to defeat these dragons.


Recent research shows that talent is overrated! Passion, perseverance, and a positive outlook are the keys to personal growth and accomplishment. Progress in the face of obstacles comes from passion, perseverance, and a high level of psychological capital (which encompasses Hope, Efficacy, Resiliency, and Optimism—or your HERO within). This chapter teaches you how to nurture these character traits, discover your HERO, and apply the tools of positive psychology to fuel your progress.


One of the more difficult steps in the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® process is the loop step. At this point, it is necessary to take a sober look at what is working and where the struggles are. This transition from focused certainty to strategic self-examination can be challenging. But it is critical to self-assess and benchmark progress against independent outside sources or one’s own projected progress.


After tweaking the plan through the loop process, it is time to intensify effort like a race car driver flooring it down the straightaway. The strategies that work have been determined, there is a clear path, and now you must focus with laser-like intensity on pushing hard toward the goal. Burnout can be an issue in this phase, so guidance is provided on how to handle the period of intensity.


Everything in life eventually goes back to normal—or a new normal. People who win big in the lottery soon return, in most cases, to their pre-lottery level of happiness—and, believe it or not, their pre-lottery net worth. On the other hand, people who become paralyzed due to a traumatic injury are typically back to their pre-accident level of happiness within a couple years. It is important not to let accomplishments fade too quickly into the abyss of normalization. Self-confidence, an important by-product of the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY®, is nurtured by noticing the obstacles that have been surmounted and the new person that is emerging.


Finally, accomplishments and life should be enjoyed! This chapter focuses on the positive psychology concept of PERMA – Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. Improving well-being can be achieved through an understanding and nurturing of PERMA. In this chapter, the specific habits and activities that support a life of ever-improving well-being and happiness are discussed.

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