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Time for the Next Big Thing

OK, so it’s time to determine your next goal to continue your successful life. You’ve celebrated your accomplishments and acknowledged being a different person now, a version of yourself who’s more the person you want to be.

Now it is time to level up. The momentum you had while reaching the goal and the boost from accomplishing this goal should help you set up the plan for the next goal. This isn’t about a rat race or a finish line that keeps moving away from you. This about getting what you want, enjoying it, and then figuring out what you want next.

What Type of Goal(s)?

At this point, you should sketch out three possible next big goals: a next-step goal, a stretch goal, and a no-fear, no-hesitation goal. 

Next-Step Goal

This is a simple follow-through on the goal you’ve just accomplished. For example, if you have gotten your pilot’s license, now you need to get 1,000 hours of flight time logged so you can apply for a job with a big aviation company. This a goal easily extrapolated from your previous path, and it has a high probability of success.

Stretch Goal

This is a goal that needs you first to recognize you’re not the same person you were when you set up your first goal. It recognizes that you have become something more, and it will require you to become something more again. It takes you outside your comfort zone. You may not even see the route to such a goal clearly, which means going back to the research phase and developing new skills.

But this is the goal to think about if you’ve realized your first success didn’t really address your core values or didn’t move far toward making you the person you want to be. This is a goal for a shift in identify. For example, your first goal was getting an MFA, but now you’ve realized you like the idea of art as applied to marketing. So now your stretch goal is getting a job in advertising.

No-Fear, No-Hesitation Goal

These kinds of goals are “moonshots,” the kind of goal President John F. Kennedy made when he said America would put a man on the moon.

This may be the first goal in your life that truly addresses your personal desires. This is the sort of goal you should not let fear keep you from. You’ve proven you can achieve your first major goal; maybe it’s time to take that ability out for a spin.

In other words, you are now in a position to see a goal you haven’t seen as a finish line before. Such goals come from a deep understanding of your personal worth, your realistic abilities, your actual knowledge base, and the confidence born from accomplishments you can show to yourself and others.