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Simplify, Simplify

To keep from draining your will power, simplify your life. Spend your energy on the things you care about, and as much as possible, toss out all the rest. We’ve talked about organizing your home and office, so now let’s turn to the broader issue of simplifying your life in general and actions you can start right now to chop down and cart away all manner of unneeded complications.

Say No, and Don’t Buy Things

Oh, dear. Saying no is something that selfish people do, right? They say no to helping with that charity event, volunteering to be a chaperone for the kids’ field trip, and cooking a meal for the homeless.

Perhaps, but selfish people say no because they can’t be bothered. You need to say no temporarily because you are concentrating on a life-changing goal.

And remember to say no to the fun things: no to the camping trip with your friends, no to the bar-hopping, no to the day spa. Your energy must go to your current plans.

These fun things probably include purchasing new items. Unless you need it for survival, no shopping. You don’t need the distraction.

Limit Media and Social Media

Limiting social media doesn’t mean you can’t text, chat, phone, or Skype. It does mean noticing how much time you spend on social media and cutting back. If this is impossible, schedule a generous time for social media, but then severely limit channel surfing or working on some hobby. You know now how much time per day you need to schedule for working toward your goal. Schedule and control the time you’re not working on that as well.

Schedule Waking Up

We’ve talked about the need for sleep, but even if you’re getting the hours, you need to regulate those hours. The brain needs a sleep routine.

Besides, when you wake up at the same time every day, your morning routine stays on schedule, and that means making fewer decisions before you’re fully awake.

Organize Food and Clothes on Weekends

Think about the decisions you make from moment to moment that take brain power. Sure, when you’re not saving your energy for a major life change, it can be fun, and even grounding, to make meals and pick out clothes for the day. But you’re running in low-energy mode as much as possible right now.

Use weekends to make up your food for the week. Bag it, label it, and use it as scheduled.

Same with outfits. Figure out what you’ll wear to the office Monday–Friday, write it down (or organize the clothes themselves in your closet), and the outfits will be ready to go.

To-Do Lists

Remember to-do lists? The night before a workday, or that morning, write a list of things to be done that day with a focus on your goal. 

Focus Saved-Up Energy

Use all these things to rid yourself of distractions, and then consciously spend your saved-up mental energy on the things you need to do to achieve your goal.