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Research Finds:

40% Of People Have Major Life Regrets


“A major research study found that 40% of people have major life regrets because they didn’t make the leap of faith when the opportunity presented itself. My book is designed to teach you how to make that leap! If you are facing a decision or know in your heart that you desire change – let me teach you how to do it!”


Dr. Timothy L. Coomer, PhD

Entrepreneur, Researcher, Author

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this revolutionary new process and the accompanying MyPersonality® assessment. Dr. Coomer uses DISCIPLINE as an acronym to teach:


[DECIDE] Make sound decisions. DISCOVER…

  • How to overcome limiting beliefs and expand your options. See the opportunities you may be missing [Page 22]
  • The incredible power of unfiltered brainstorming – and how to do it effectively [Page 26]
  • The hacks that all lifetime learners understand which will transform the perspective you have on your life [Page 27]
  • How to destroy fear and the mental “web of deceit.” Apply these techniques to reduce cognitive load. [Page 30]
  • How to leverage the motivation from past passions to improve decision making [Worksheet provided]

[INVESTIGATE] Investigate relevant topics. DISCOVER…

  • How to avoid the first step into failure – learn and avoid the most common pitfalls that trip up so many people – do this before you begin. [Page 43]
  • How hidden biases sabotage your success unless you implement techniques to identify and deal with them. [Page 45]
  • The “Cram Course in Research” – everything I learned as a PhD student condensed down to the key research strategies that will make YOU your own GURU! (Anyone can do this!) [Page 48]
  • How to find and connect with mentors that will share priceless insights. [Page 53]
  • Techniques to leverage niche online forums to sidestep common mistakes. [Page 55]

[SORT] Sort through information with a critical eye. DISCOVER…

  • Methods to program your Reticular Activating System. [Page 64]
  • How to spot bogus and misleading information on the Internet [Page 68]
  • A fifteen second technique that will allow you to extract valuable insight from any research study (no PhD required!) [Page 50 & 69]
  • A proven step-by-step method for organizing and sorting information. [Page 71]

[CONCEIVE] Conceive a detailed plan. DISCOVER…

  • The six critical steps that have been proven necessary to design a winning plan [Page 82]
  • The value of a detailed roadmap that translates knowledge into an effective action plan. [Page 89]
  • How to design solutions to problems before they ever arise [Page 91]
  • The purpose of “stepping stones” and how they help you stay on course [Page 93]
  • How to establish accountability in your plan and the insider’s secret of a “lessons-learned document” [Page 95]
  • A game plan for developing psychological resilience [Page 97]
  • The ONE THING you must do before you implement your plan. [Page 98]

[IMPLEMENT] Implement the plan. DISCOVER…

  • Why transitioning from THINKING to DOING is difficult and how you can defeat the status-quo bias [Page 104]
  • The meaning of the PUSH acronym and how to use it to overcome resistance and create momentum. [Page 105]
  • How to prevent choice overload from destroying your dreams. [Page 108]
  • The proven process for overcoming your fears and eliminating anxiety. [Page 110]
  • How to change your mental perspective and avoid the “be patient” trap. [Page 112]
  • Techniques to lock in daily wins and structure a rewards system that keeps you pumped! [Page 116]

[PERSEVERE] Move forward with passion and perseverance. DISCOVER…

  • The challenges Dr. Coomer faced and how he used PERSEVERANCE to save his first business. [Page 121]
  • The scientifically proven value of Psychological Capital and the four-step process to increase this proven predictor of success. [Page 131]
  • What MENTAL TOUGHNESS is, the four pillars that support it, and the specific steps to build and maintain it – including the physical and mental methods that are proven to work. [Page 132]

[LOOP] Use a feedback loop to evaluate your progress and make adjustments. DISCOVER…

  • How to implement a feedback loop that will turbocharge your success. [Page 146]
  • The specific questions to unlock the feedback you need to hear from mentors. [Page 151]
  • How to stop and redirect a “friendly fire” scenario. [Page 155]
  • The personal SWOT analysis – a simple but powerful self-assessment tool. [Page 158]

[INTENSIFY] Intensify your efforts where appropriate. DISCOVER…

  • Why the Harvard Business Review believes INTENSITY is the common denominator behind all success. [Page 165]
  • The seven hurdles that will prevent you from reaching the intensity level required for success and the straight-forward solutions to blast through every one of them. [Page 168]
  • Why cluttered cognitive space reduces mental capacity and one simple trick to free it up. [Page 173]
  • The four areas of your life that must be improved before you can SOAR! [Page 175]
  • Pharmaceutical solutions to motivation, focus, and sleep rarely discussed in public forums. [Page 176]
  • Simple mind games that instantly remove distractions so that you can focus on the task at hand. [Page 180]
  • Four techniques for transitioning out of the intensity phase without losing all that you have accomplished. [Page 183]

[NOTICE] Take notice of what you have accomplished. DISCOVER…

  • How to avoid the trap of “normalization.” [Page 192]
  • Why celebrating your accomplishment lays the groundwork for your next success. [Page 194]
  • How to utilize your success to realign your internal compass. [Page 196]
  • A specific process for creating a new identity based on self-efficacy, not false self-esteem. [Page 201]
  • How to leverage your new identity to define your next big goal. [Page 202]

[ENJOY] Enjoy the fruits of your labors using the positive psychology concept of PERMA. DISCOVER…

  • Why it’s important to enjoy the process of goal accomplishment. [Page 206]
  • The positive psychology techniques that are guaranteed to improve happiness and well-being. [Page 207]
  • A detailed step-by-step process, including worksheets, to develop your own customized plan to nurture PERMA – the five pillars of well-being [Page 212]
  • The inspiring real-life story of Paul and Karen who applied the DISCIPLINE process to their lives.

This is your roadmap for change, the ultimate guide to making a great decision, becoming your own guru, and accomplishing your goal.




Decide. Accomplish. Enjoy.