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PERMA: A Test Case

We’ve discussed the need to be able to envision your success before and while you implement your plans. But if you haven’t felt the true satisfaction of successfully reaching a life-changing goal, it may be difficult for you to imagine what a life of continual success would look like.

So, let’s look at a test case of living that kind of life by paying attention to PERMA (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishments) with some worksheets you can find at disciplinestrategy.com.

Chris decided to turn a side business of helping people organize their stuff into becoming a full-time professional organizer. Chris went through the years of difficult freelance finances, of finding clients, and of building a reputation and now has finished a solid year of profitable employment. Business is looking good.

Now is a good time to assess Chris’ PERMA.

Positive Emotions Worksheet

The Positive Emotion worksheet suggests (and offers a template for) keeping a gratitude journal. This isn’t just about feeling grateful, but also about celebrating (i.e., enjoying) the good things happening to you in your life.

The worksheet instructs you to visualize your best self. If you can imagine it, you can draw up the action plans necessary to get there.

The worksheet also directs you to write about your intensely positive experiences. Chris, for example, helped a young father whose wife was unexpectedly deployed overseas. While the client knew what to do for the child, he was making things overly complicated with his scatter-shot approach. Chris helped the young father get organized and it had a profound positive impact on the young family’s life. Chris should use the gratitude journal to write down how it felt to see the client’s relief at being able to better care for his child.

Engagement Worksheet

The Engagement worksheet helps you understand what “flow” experiences are and how to create them. Once flow is understood, you can look over your life and see how often you are engaged in flow, how you employ flow in your life, and how you can consciously plan for flow in the future.

Relationships Worksheet

The Relationships Worksheet helps you evaluate the roles of various people in your life in terms of importance and satisfaction. The worksheet Improving the Bonded Relationship offers highly specific advice for enhancing your loving interactions, nurturing your fondness and admiration for others, and solving problems.

The worksheet Improving Friendships aids with understanding and enhancing friendships, staying in touch, and building loyalty.

Meaning Worksheet

The Meaning worksheet asks you to consider your relationship to your social group and your involvement in things you feel matter. It asks you to evaluate your available time and energy and to commit to causes that you believe matter.

Accomplishment Worksheet

The Accomplishment worksheet goes back through every step in the Discipline Strategy® to lead you through your true, tangible achievements. It reminds you of the steps you have taken, the work you have done, and the outcomes you have achieved. Each point should combat your own tendencies to downplay your success.

If you’re going to be successful, you need to feel successful. Only that satisfaction with a job well done will be motivation enough for the next goal, the next plan, and the next accomplishment.

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