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Personality traits have a powerful impact on the way you make decisions, set goals, implement plans, face challenges, and manage workload. A deep understanding of these traits and how they might support or challenge you through the DISCIPLINE process is important. That is why I designed the MyPersonality® assessment. I encourage you to share a link to this sign up page with others.  

“The MyPersonality® assessment is based on decades of research and is the same personality model I use for my academic research. I am happy to respond to any questions or comments. Over 10,000 people have completed the assessments since its release in May 2019 – I hope you gain valuable insights from this important tool.” – Dr. Timothy L. Coomer, PhD

Timothy L. Coomer, PhD can be reached at [email protected]

The MyPersonality® report provides a detailed explanation of how you scored on the main six personality traits and the 24 sub-traits. First, a detailed explanation is provided about each trait. Then several models are used to predict how your personality may affect your progress as you make decisions, set goals, conceive plans, persevere, work with intensity, and achieve your desired life changes. MyPersonality® is a unique personality model and it is specifically designed to help you implement the ten steps taught in the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® book.  However, the MyPersonality® report provides tremendous value to you whether or not you have read the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® book.  The test is designed by Dr. Timothy L. Coomer, PhD.  Dr. Coomer is a personality researcher and serial entrepreneur. For more information about Dr. Coomer you can view his LinkedIn profile here: