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Make the Best Decision Possible

Key Points

  • Time away stimulates new thoughts and insights.
  • Mentors who have travelled the path ahead of you can help you improve your decision making and avoid common pitfalls.
  • This blog features research based information to help you create a custom plan that will take you from decision to accomplishment.
  • Brainstorming creates new possibilities.
  • A DECISION is the first step in the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® process.

Think About This

An important decision can weigh heavily on your mind.  How can you get past being “stuck” while also improving the quality of your decision?


We have all been in situations where we felt the incredible weight of an impending decision or the need to make a significant life change.  And with that weight comes a sense of being stuck, indecisive, not sure which way to go.  There are several things you can do in this situation.

A) Go somewhere and change your environment.  Our brains are stimulated by new environments.  This can help us to focus, think creatively, and generate new ideas and thought processes.  Everyone’s situation is unique, but consider these options:

  • Go out of town for a couple of days. I live in Middle Tennessee. I have taken a couple of weekend trips to Chattanooga Tennessee that were very cost effective but created the desired result of a new environment.  I found it to be very beneficial.
  • Head to a coffee shop in a different part of town. Recently, I met some friends at a coffee shop in East Nashville. It was a part of town I had not been to in a long time and it was a new, to me, coffee shop.  The entire experience was very stimulating – interesting conversation, new environment, great coffee.  I came away with some new ideas.
  • Go to a different part of your home. You can’t get any easier than this. But you will be surprised how beneficial this can be.  Head out to the back yard with a lawn chair, go to that corner of the living room where you never sit.  There are places in your house you never stop and notice.

B) You may benefit form a mentor.  Mentors are people who have some relative knowledge or life experience and can listen to you talk about your challenges and offer some suggestions.  I’ve got a mentor worksheet in my book, DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® that walks you through the process of reaching out to a mentor, setting up a meeting, and asking the right questions.  Why not benefit from the experience and wisdom of people in your community?

C) Brainstorming is a powerful process that can move you past mental blocks and create new ideas.  Find a couple of willing participants and find some space, get a large white pad and some markers, and define the question you are struggling with.  The trick here is to allow unfiltered brainstorming.  The process should be free, uninhibited, and unedited.  You can sort through the ideas later and decide which ones deserve further investigation.

Decision making is the first step in the DISCIPLINE process.  Making a well thought out decision can be an inflection point in life.

What to do NOW!

1) Write down a clear description of the decision you need to make.

2) Decide where your “get away” space will be.

3) Consider whether a mentor or a brainstorming session with friends/family is best for your situation. Then, plan the meeting with the mentor or setup the brainstorming session. Ideally, do both.

4) Make a DECISION!