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Lighten the Load

Now that we’ve discussed the necessity of getting though times that require turbo-charged effort and focus, let’s talk about how to make it work.

The Busy Syndrome

Being busy is not the same as being productive. Frankly, sometimes we fill our lives with busyness precisely to avoid getting things done.

Changing your typical life patterns can be painful. You’re sometimes setting aside things you’ve worked hard to earn and been fortunate enough to find you enjoy. But pain is often a necessary component of growth and advancement. 

For your intensity push, you need to strip your life of things that do not work toward your goal. What keeps you busy, however pleasantly, must be suspended while you narrow your focus on implementing the current step of your life-change plan.

We’ve already talked about reducing the time spent on less important things. During an intensity push, this time needs to be reduced as much as possible.

Stop Playing with Media

Watching TV is a great way to relax your body and slow down your mind after work, but you’re working now maybe harder than you’ve ever worked, and you need to spend your time on your goals, not relaxing before bed.

Once again, I want to stress this is a temporary situation. Long-term sleep deprivation is disastrous. Nothing we’re talking about here should be taken to an extreme that will endanger your health or affect your important, familial relationships.

For this push, don’t even turn the TV on, and stay off the social media. We’re talking going cold turkey here. Sitting down for just a little channel surfing can eat up hours before you even notice. Study, work from home, do a second daily workout, and accomplish whatever it is you need to reach your life goal.

Evenings are generally our relaxation time, the reward for a busy day. It’s easy to find time-wasting activities, and making those hour productive will basically double your output.

Hire Help

Determine what you can contract out to others for a time, such as to a gardener, a maid, or a handyman. Ask yourself, “Do I have to do this, or can I hire someone else?” Your time is a precious resource right now. Paying someone to fix the fence basically means paying yourself for working on your goal instead.

There are things you shouldn’t sacrifice, such as time with your kids, but some things you say no to simply mean being disappointed. During an intensity push, your goals outrank going to rock concerts and curling up with cozy novels.

Exchange Busy for Focused

Don’t let yourself be satisfied just because your hands are occupied. If you’re working on something, it should either be essential to the aspects of your life you want to keep or a part of implementing your plans for new things in the life you want.