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I Googled “Happiness” And This Is What I Found

Do you ever Google random topics to see what you come up with? Typically, I’m disappointed with the results. The links that appear on the first page of most Google searches present shallow “click-bait” material without any helpful and actionable information.

The first link presented in response to my “Happiness” search was to this page:


While Psychology Today is a well-respected magazine and web site, this particular link contained nothing helpful.

Next, there was a link to the Happiness entry on Wikipedia. This provides some good information, great history on the topic, some helpful research links, but no real ACTIONABLE information.

The remaining links were even less helpful.  But, at the bottom of the page was a link to the popular song Happier by Marshmello (featuring Bastille). Great song, but I thought the video was a little sad.

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