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Dr. Coomer uses his life experience and education to help others reach goals, better understand their personality, and create the life they desire. Schedule a one-hour session using the calendar at the bottom of the page. There is no long-term commitment. Consultations are scheduled on an as-needed basis one hour at a time.


Typical Topics Covered


  • Interpretation of the MyPersonality assessment. MyPersonality is a personality assessment designed by Dr. Coomer. If you have completed the assessment, and want a more in-depth understanding, schedule a consultation with Dr. Coomer.
  • Personality comparison for couples. Both individuals in a relationship complete the MyPersonality assessment. Dr. Coomer compares the two personalities and provides insights into potential strengths and weaknesses resulting from the personality match.
  • Discussion about an important decision. An independent view from Dr. Coomer on a choice you are facing. This conversation will give you unbiased feedback and help you see your options from a new perspective.
  • Guidance related to business matters. Dr. Coomer is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and has a Ph.D. in business. He will provide you with perspectives from both his experience and academic training.
  • DISCIPLINE STRATEGY Guidance. If you are using Dr. Coomer’s book or training course on the DISCIPLINE STRATEGY, you can schedule a consultation to ask questions or receive support as you walk through the steps in the DISCIPLINE process.
  • Your choice consultation. You can schedule a consultation for other topics of your choosing. Dr. Coomer is open to supporting life change, decision making, implementation of the positive psychology concept of PERMA, or whatever might be on your mind.
NOTE: You will receive a followup email requesting additional information after you schedule your conversation.