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Are You Headed Toward the Right Goal?

DISCIPLINE STRATEGY® Blog by Timothy L. Coomer, PhD

Lessons on applying scientific research to solve real-life challenges within a framework called DISCIPLINE: [Decide] [Investigate] [Sort] [Conceive] [Implement] [Loop] [Intensify] [Notice] [Enjoy]

Download the first two chapters of Discipline Strategy here: http://bit.ly/DS_EXCERPT . No registration required.

Are You Headed Toward the Right Goal?

How did you set the goal you are currently pursuing? Was it an expectation from a parent? Did someone “tell” you what you should be doing? Did you think it was the most “practical” choice? Did the goal result from a deep passion?

Many of us have set our sights on a goal but don’t understand the underlying motivators. There is no quick solution to this problem, but over time, as I teach in the Discipline Strategy, you can realign your goals to your true passions.

In my book, I use the word DISCIPLINE as an acronym for life change.

The “N” stands for notice. There are several topics in this chapter, including celebrating successes, noticing personal growth, being aware of your responses to various goals, and realigning after each accomplishment to move you closer to your exact desires.

We all have to start somewhere. At age 18, you don’t necessarily know what you want to do and where you want to go. Relying on the influence of family, friends, and teachers isn’t a bad place to start. But, as quickly as possible, you want to experiment, learn, self-assess, and find your unique path forward.

In my early days as an entrepreneur, I had a lot of people tell me I was making a mistake. According to them, I had a great future in Corporate America. But, two voices in my life believed in me and my crazy dreams – my wife and my father.

If you are daring to think of a new self-directed vision for your life, find those voices around you that are encouraging. Magnify those voices and remove the naysayers from any position of influence.

You may not be on the right track, but that is o.k. Everything you learn has value. And, you are the pilot on this journey we call life. Assess where you are and where you want to go and file a new flight plan soon. If you’d like to learn more about the Discipline Strategy, you can download the first two chapters free. Use this link, and there is no registration required: http://bit.ly/DS_EXCERPT

The Discipline Strategy is available now through this offer: http://bit.ly/DS_SPECIAL